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10 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth in 2020

As fun as riding can be, the scare of a crash hampers the flow of adventure derived from biking. Be that as it may, having an assurance of a safe trip can significantly improve one’s morale to embark on a fun motorcycle trip.

The perfect companion for such trips is a Bluetooth full-face helmet. The best Bluetooth integrated full-face motorcycle helmets have great protective features as well as good connectivity.

The best product that fits for such is a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS. With one of these, you can go on that trip you’ve always wanted but have been unable to because of its confusing directions.

The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in 2020 also come with an integrated intercom system to allow you to pair with your buddy riders and get rid of boredom while coasting through long-distance trips.

I have handpicked 10 of the best full-face motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth available under budget price, as well as some premium-quality protective motorcycle headgears. So irrespective of how much you are willing to spend, there is a helmet here for you.

Tips to Buy Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet – (Buying Guide)

Purchasing a quality regular motorcycle helmet might be a not-so-easy task as many would agree, yet it isn’t as complicated as buying a Bluetooth full-face helmet. The qualities to consider in a Bluetooth helmet are more, and a handful of options pervade the market.

To help you stress less on the best Bluetooth integrated full-face helmet to opt for, here are the key features that make or mar any full-face motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth:

  • Bluetooth Compatibility

The major distinguishing feature between regular motorcycle helmets and Bluetooth-integrated helmets is the installed Bluetooth technology. Likewise, a major quality indicator in motorcycle Bluetooth helmets is the Bluetooth technology in use.

Available Bluetooth technology types include Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.2. The three of which have varying connection compatibilities. The latter Bluetooth versions 3.o and 4.2 have a wider range of device compatibility.

However, any of the Bluetooth types connect with common Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled GPS devices. Also of great use is the intercom feature of Bluetooth helmets, which is enabled alongside the Bluetooth technology, usually stated on the helmet features.

  • Design

The structure of a motorcycle helmet determines how comfortable it feels while riding. Air pressure, ventilation, weight, and ease of use are some of the factors considered in designing a Bluetooth full-face helmet.

The body of the helmet must be streamlined to allow easy flow of air. Use of aerodynamic spoilers and multiple vents are some of the features that contribute to this. Peculiar to any motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS use are buttons which must be positioned around the ear region for easy location.

Other important structural features of a smart motorcycle helmet include waterproof coating, improved visor components, anti-fog shields, all fitted on a premium thermoplastic polymer shell-like ABS. 

  • Budget

Another major determinant in your choice of a motorcycle protective headgear. Your budget determines the product you would ultimately buy. However, you should be sure you are going for the best quality product in the price range of your budget.

As I have compiled in my choice of Bluetooth full-face helmets, there are certain cheap Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that have distinct quality features that offer you value for your money. But in any case, bear in mind that Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are more costly than regular helmets.

  • Motorcycle Helmet Standards

In your quest to get a motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth to spice up your biking experience, you shouldn’t forget the primary purpose of your helmet is to protect you from head injuries.

In a bid to validate the protective value of a helmet, standard organizations issue marks of trust to certify helmet products for meeting specified standards of protection. Recognized bodies that certify motorcycle Bluetooth helmets include but are not limited to:

  1. ECE Standards: The Economic Commission for Europe is an international standards organization that tests motorcycle helmets. The procedure for the test includes high-speed collision of the helmet on various surfaces, including contoured anvils. 

The ECE standard test is considered by professional rider associations as the superior rating for any choice helmet. Hence, an ECE R 22.05 sticker on the back of your choice Bluetooth full-face helmet is a mark of trust in the helmet. 

  1. DOT Standards: DOT stands for Department of Transportation, the government parastatal in charge of regulating road use practices. Hence, protective gear such as Bluetooth helmets is tested by the DOT for their protective abilities.

The most recent standard of the DOT is the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), 218 model. Any Bluetooth helmet ready for road use must have this emblem. So be sure your choice model carries this tag before purchasing.

10 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full-Face Helmet

The Torc T14B Mako is a Bluetooth integrated full-face helmet designed to stay both protected and connected while riding. This black motorcycle gear with flag graphic is made to standard with DOT and ECE certifications. It comes with a hard coating, a comfy inner, and also a neck brace.

Torc’s Mako T14B uses a Bluetooth 2.0 EDR perfect for optimized for battery life and connectivity. The Bluetooth helmet is powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries with up to 24 hours of talk time capacity. With enhanced performance from its dual stereo speaker and mp3 player controls.

Torc T14B Blinc Loaded Flag Mako Full Face Helmet (Flat Black, Medium)
  • Integrated, factory installed Blinc Bluetooth system

The T14B is a Blinc-patterned riding headgear with a dual-density EPS inner and also a comfort liner as extra padding. This inner liner is detachable and can be washed from time to time. In general, the helmet has an oval orientation with a streamlined body, as is necessary for the best riding experience.

The Torc T14B Mako helmet is one of the best cheap Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. With a premium flat panel shield, this helmet uses a drop-down visor system, an internal sun visor called Smooth lock. All encased in an alloy shell containing thermos polymer to offer a comfortable and secure product.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

A budget option among the best full-face motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth using a wide range Bluetooth 3.0 technology. The ILM Bluetooth Modular full-face helmet is designed to give riders the best connection using Intercom with a maximum distance of 1,000 feet apart.

With a safety rating standardized by the DOT and ECE, this rider’s protective gear is built to make riding more pleasurable. With features enabling activities like phone calls, FM radio, mp3 player, and GPS navigation, this ILMotors product is a great option for a smart motorcycle helmet in 2020.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom (XL, Matte Black)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology. 8 Hours of Talk Time and 110 Hours of Standby. Fully Washable Microfiber Liner and Adjustable Vents.

This full-face motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth runs on a rechargeable li-ion battery lasting up to 8 hours in talk time.

A great feature to support use for intercom between two riders, as is needed for security details. It comes with two built-in stereo speakers with noise suppression microphone technology to give crisp and distinct sound at speeds up to 30 mph.

The ILM Bluetooth helmet comes in three different shades of color and is also available in different sizes. The shell is made from ABS plastic able to withstand harsh usage conditions. The helmet doesn’t wear easily.

Also with an inner microfiber lining, the ILM helmet is made to make riders feel comfortable being protected.

This is coupled with its quality ventilation system, which features adjustable vents on either side of the helmet. And most importantly, a dual visor for the best quality experience while cruising on your motorcycle.

LeeMas Bluetooth Motorcycle Full-Face Helmet

The Bluetooth helmet from LeeMas is another premium product among the best Bluetooth-ready motorcycle helmets. It has a design specific to give you the feeling of freedom you so desire while riding a bike. 

With its Bluetooth 3.0 integration, this helmet connects perfectly with any Bluetooth-enabled device within approximately 120-foot radius. LeeMas helmet has a strong connection to mobile phones, compatible speakers, or other Bluetooth devices to set up an Intercom network for two or more riders.

LeeMas Inc Bluetooth Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Wireless Headset Hands Free Intercom MP3 FM Radio DOT (Size M, Gloss Black)
  • DOT approved motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth headset for hands-free communication & mobile entertainment while riding

The lithium-ion battery-powered motorcycle gear works for an average of 10 hours on active connection. The structure of the helmet is such that it is easy to mount and dismount, a special feature for a gadget such as this.

Augmented by adjustable chin straps alongside other spoilers to prevent the helmet from lifting off. 

The design of the LeeMas Bluetooth helmet comes with a shield to protect against fog, the coat is also scratch-resistant. The visor is a sun visor drop-down to give you clear vision while riding. It’s also crafted with adjustable vents for optimum aeration.

This product is made to FMVSS 218 standards.

The inner environment of this full-face motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth is lined with microfiber suede for a soft, comfy feel. The helmet also has paddings for the cheek region to further enhance cushion. Both inner linings are removable and machine wash suitable.

TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Torc T15B is an upgrade on previous Torc Bluetooth full-face helmets. This model is specially designed for high-speed riders. The fitting of the helmet, the shape, the Bluetooth connectivity, and the outer shell, are all made to support its use.

The built-in aerodynamic spoilers help the helmet maintain balance against high-pressure air on high speed. The tight framing of the helmet is made up for with a better ventilation system using multiple vents.

TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Solid Color (Gloss Black,Small)
  • Build-in spoiler eliminates wind buffeting and improves stability at speed, Build-in Blinc Bluetooth technology

With a drop-down visor, the helmet protects your face fully while riding. Also, the smart motorcycle helmet has a shield which is anti-fog and scratch-resistant, keeping your view clear as day.

Torc T15B full-face motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth technology uses the Blinc technology. This allows for connections even under intense conditions of high-speed rides. It is also compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and other devices as such.

Certified ECE 22.05 standard, this premium motorcycle headgear is safe for hitting the highways. And for your comfortability, the helmet is lined with an inner comfort padding, fully detachable and machine-washable.

FreedConn BM2-S Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn helmets is a household name among best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in 2020. This FreedConn motorcycle Bluetooth helmet is made to international safety standards of the ECE 22.05, combined with a highly efficient Bluetooth 3.0 technology.

The Bluetooth pairing capacity of this helmet supports connection to all Bluetooth compatible devices, including smartphones and music players. The smart motorcycle helmet can be used to create an intercom network between two to three riders.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet, BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Voice Dial/Hands-Free Call/ 500M/ 2-3...
  • ✪ [ DOT Modular Motorcycle Helmet ] FreedConn Bluetooth helmet supports max intercom range up to 1640 feet for 2 riders talking or 3 riders pairing. We had meets and exceeds both ECE & DOT safety...

It has a connection range of about 1,640 feet applicable for intercom communication. Not only that, this product is a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS, a good guide for navigating through tricky routes. 

The black FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth helmet comes with 2 stereo-grade speakers. The installed mics also come with advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technologies.

With these unique features, you get nothing shy of clear and crisp sound delivery on both ends even while riding on high speed.

For convenience of use, this smart motorcycle helmet comes with a large multifunction button. With just a tap it answers phone calls, plays music, starts GPS audio navigation, and triggers voice command by long-pressing. Other smaller buttons allow for call rejecting, music shuffle, mode change, and more smart functions. 

The awesome features of this Bluetooth-integrated full-face helmet are backed by a superb battery life with up to 8 hours of active intercommunication.

The FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth helmet comes in different sizes, and it can also be adjusted to fit by changing the detachable liner to another of moderate sizing. 

TORC T27B Full Face Modular Helmet

Another premium product among the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in 2020. The Torc T27B is a full-face Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with a flat design, which makes it lightweight, and yet it delivers optimum protection.

The Blinc model Torc T27 Bluetooth is a FMVSS 218 Standard helmet and is also ECE 22.05-certified, the best standards for helmet safety. The thermoplastic alloy shell of the helmet makes up for its relatively small size to give you the best protective headgear.

TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth (Flat Black, Large)
  • 20 percent Smaller with equal protection as the bulky competitors

The Bluetooth-integrated full-face helmet uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology to pair compatible devices for making calls and listening to music. It also comes in handy for getting coordinates from GPS. This motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS also can be used for intercom purposes between two riders or among three.

With a more compact EPS inner padding, the helmet comes with modifications to make the helmet more comfy. It also features better venting with intake and venturi designs. This Torc Bluetooth helmet comes with a drop-down visor with slider technology. 

The Torc T27B Bluetooth full-face helmet is designed for ease of use, with a button-released chin strap as an aerodynamic spoiler.

This combines with a locking system with stainless steel fastens. All these firmly fit together to give a pseudo-oval Bluetooth-integrated full-face helmet with a waterproof outer finish.

With a detachable inner liner, the T27B helmet is made to make you feel more comfortable when putting on your helmet.

The two built-in speakers and noise sieving microphones give you a premium communication experience, whether you are making a phone call or conversing on intercom connections.

FreedConn Full-Face BM12 Motorcycle Helmet

The FreedConn BM12 is a Bluetooth full-face helmet with built-in Bluetooth 3.0 device. The smart motorcycle helmet has a streamlined body design with a well-packed inner microfiber cushion, with minimal weight on the neck. It comes in bespoke sizes appropriate for different head sizes.

With a Bluetooth connection range of up to 1,640 feet, this helmet can be used for setting up an intercom network between two riders. The rechargeable battery supports up to 10 hours of talk time on intercom.

FreedConn Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet, DOT Full Face BM12 Communication System Motorcycle Helmet with 500m FM Radio/...
  • 🎈 [Latest Bluetooth Helmet] FreedConn BM12 motorcycle helmet equipped Bluetooth 3.0 technology range up to 1640 feet (500M), supports 3 riders pairing but 2 riders can intercom at the same time....

FreedConn’s BM12 helmet is a masterpiece for the price at which it comes. With features like wide-range Bluetooth adaptability, GPS voice prompting, noise-free calls at high speeds, this helmet passes as one of the best Bluetooth ready motorcycle helmets.

Answer phone calls hands-free with one button hit, reject calls, play music, listen to FM radio, and other player features are also button-controlled.

This cheap Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is again enhanced with echo-cancellation technology and noise-suppression adaptations.

The FreedConn BM12 full-face motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth has a clear sound delivery system, with its coupled high-grade speakers and microphones. Certified safe by the DOT, the helmet is made for a well-protected fun ride.

TORC Full face T28B Bluetooth-Integrated Motorcycle Helmet

The Torc T28B Bluetooth-integrated full-face motorcycle helmet like other Torc products is a great riding companion and safety gear.

The distinctive property of this particular model is its comfortability and the suitability for use by any gender, especially female riders.

It’s first notable modification on previous models is its lightweight making. The Bluetooth full-face helmet also comes in fancy colored designs and about four color options. It is supported by a firm framework to give a solid helmet.

Torc T28B full-face Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has a modular design with anti-fog shields and also serves as anti-scratch.

The helmet’s main feature is the built-in Blinc Bluetooth technology, which allows for intercommunication between riders with compatible helmets.

Get up to 8 hours talk time and 18 hours on standby with its pre-installed li-polymer battery. The superb battery is put to use with the easy-to-use design of the helmet. It has one-button call answering, music navigation buttons, and volume adjustment. It can also be used for GPS voice prompts.

The inner of the helmet is padded with a comfortable microfiber material to make the EPS stuffing softer on the head.

The inner padding is removable and easy to wash. For optimum ride experience, its flow-through ventilation design and drop-down sun visor make it one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in 2020.

Origine O528B Pilota Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth

The Origine O528B Pilota helmet is a feminine helmet specially designed to fit use on scooters and low-power bikes. The motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth and GPS comes in an extra small size, compact and ultra-lightweight.

Standardized by the department of transportation (DOT), the helmet has the FMVSS 218 certification. It has a round body design to allow for equal distribution of weight.

The full-face motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth is designed after an Italian model.

Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth (Black, X-Small)
  • All helmets meet or succeed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218

With a weight of about 1 pound, the Origine O528B has an integrated Blinc Bluetooth device. It pairs with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices. It allows you to receive phone calls, play music, and receive direction prompts from connected GPS devices.

The inner cushion of the full-face cheap Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is made from classic Italian leather, offering durability and style.

With a flip-up shield glass, this helmet makes for the most comfortable product on the list of best Bluetooth-ready motorcycle helmets.

Costrov Motorcycle Bluetooth Multifunction Helmet

The Costrov full-face motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth is a modern-style helmet with the Bluetooth 4.2 technology. This cheap Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a premium-quality motorcycle safety gear with optimum safety and connectivity features. 

The integrated Bluetooth 4.2 technology has a wider range of device compatibility. It connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device in general, including other motorcycle devices, which is useful to set up an intercom network.

This means you can play music from diverse sources and answer phone calls uninterrupted.

Costrov Motorcycle Bluetooth Multifunction Helmets, Modular Flip up Music Smart Full Face Helmet, Automatic Answering Headset...
  • [Bluetooth function]-British CSR chip, Bluetooth 4.2 system, compatible with powerful stereo sound quality, auto answer, listening to songs, driving is a fun, when listening to music with a versatile...

With an open-face model, the casing of this helmet is made from solid ABS plastic to give a waterproof shell around the albeit-waterproof integrated Bluetooth system. The helmet is made to the DOT FMVSS 218 standard with regards to impact resistance.

For its great user experience, the Costrov Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet is equipped with dual high-definition stereo speakers and a high-quality long-lasting li-ion battery. This is augmented with a noise-reducing microphone, to make available a clear communication channel.

The front dual glass serves as UV protection for better vision during a sunny day ride. The front shield serves as an anti-fog shield for cloudy days. And for the inner environment, the EPS padding with a detachable lining makes the helmet sit comfortably protecting the head. 

Comparison Table of 10 Best Full Face Bluetooth Helmets

Best Full Face Bluetooth Helmets- 2020
Bluetooth HelmetStandardBluetooth Type
Torc T14B MakoECE 22.05, DOT FMVSS 2182.0
ILM Bluetooth helmetECE 22.05, DOT FMVSS 2183.0
LeeMas full-face helmetDOT FMVSS 2182.1
Torc T15B helmetECE 22.05, DOT FMVSS 2182.0
FreedConn BM2-SECE 22.05, DOT FMVSS 2183.0
Torc T27B BluetoothECE 22.05, DOT FMVSS 2182.0
FreedConn BM12DOT FMVSS 2183.0
Torc T28BECE 22.05, DOT FMVSS 2182.0
Origine O528BDOT FMVSS 2182.0
Costrov Bluetooth helmetDOT FMVSS 2184.2



Thinking about spicing up your biking experience? Then you should opt for the best Bluetooth-integrated full-face helmet you can get. These are effective in both protecting you and keeping you comfortably preoccupied while riding.

Smart motorcycle helmets afford you the luxury of listening to your favorite tunes, receiving phone calls, receiving GPS directions, and even reaching out to other riders or travel companions—all the while breezing through several kilometers.

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